When talking to the Oracle, remember that you are talking to a very close friend, a friend who shares the importance you give to the question you ask and who never has any personal agenda. What the Nomadic Oracle proposes is an organic, animistic, even tantric alliance towards the expansion of consciousness.

Jon Mallek

What is the Nomadic Oracle ?

The Nomadic Oracle is a deck that allows us to call upon our intuitive brain and the wisdom of Nature, with surprising subtlety, in order to balance our rational thinking.

With an astonishing array of information, the Nomadic Oracle is able to shed new light on the most perplexing elements of our daily lives and future possibilities. It is a powerful tool for empowerment, divination healing, and transformation.

The card spreads provide detailed practical advice while revealing surprising insights into a subtle underlying reality.

The vibrant interplay of imagery, archetypes, and mythology allows the user to tap into the diverse energies at work in any situation.

The Nomadic Oracle stimulates a better understanding of human interactions and our planetary interconnectedness, offering a whole new way to describe our world and personal stories.

What are session with the Nomadic Oracle like ?

Do you have a question to ask, a situation to clarify? Do you feel you need to call upon your intuition and a form of wisdom that goes beyond your rational thinking and personal ability to deal with the situation?

You’ve come to the right place! Why not use the shamanic wisdom of the cards?

During the 90 minute session, we will clarify your question, introduce the structure of the Oracle, and then do a 7 card spread. This draw will serve as a starting point for a deep conversation based on personal (your story) and trans-personal (the common story of the world) elements. I will use my experience of the cards and the structure of the deck to translate the message, and will only offer personal ‘advice’ or interpretation with your permission. This is important in order to preserve the very intimate aspects of the wisdom that will be delivered to you.

You will leave with more clarity and depth about what is at stake in the situation described.

My experience

I had the good fortune to meet Jon Mallek on a beach in southern Thailand in 2008 when he was building his studio and beginning a shamanic research project. Artist, painter, researcher, Jon is a man of rare enthusiasm and complexity. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who embraces life with such passion and dedication. The paintings he began at that time eventually led to the creation of the Nomadic Oracle over the next few years.

I have been very fortunate and privileged to witness and participate in the consciousness research work that was the birth of this incredible tool. And it is largely thanks to Jon and the Oracle that I have been able to explore the Great Mysteries of life and transform myself.

I have been using the Nomadic Oracle for more than 10 years to refine my sensitivity to the most subtle energies of daily life, to navigate the crossroads of my life, and to make decisions with the widest possible awareness of what is at stake.

I have also been facilitating conversations through the Nomadic Oracle for years, in person as well as online, with initiates as well as novices, always encountering the same element of surprise and confirmation that the threads of information and awareness unfold.



Damien is a master in the use of the Nomadic Oracle. He supports me in my research, understands and translates the messages provided by the Nomadic Oracle. His understanding of this oracle is very subtle and allows him to perceive the messages on a personal level as well as on an impersonal level. He succeeds in creating a space in which I feel perfectly safe, even when we are dealing with delicate and difficult questions, to create the necessary connection with the cards; and he guides me in such a way that I manage to open doors and possibilities that I would not be able to glimpse alone. At the beginning of each session, he accompanies me to set an intention, clarify a question or formulate a request. Then, I feel perfectly guided in the discovery of the messages transmitted, however subtle they may be.
I can only encourage you to live this experience with Damien to find answers to your most important questions.