Simplified Ecocentric Matrix

Coach & Mentor

The coaching and mentoring relationships are very personal: if you are interested in the topics presented on this site and my expertise, I invite you to contact me so that we can get to know each other during a discovery session. We can then :

  1. Determine if we want to work together;
  2. Explore the dimension of your life that you want to work on;
  3. Consider the arrangements that best suit you;

My time is as precious as yours: thank you for booking a free discovery session only if you are serious about your inner transformation and your well-being. Thank you.

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Consulting Permaculture and Homesteading

Are you ready to change your life, leave your comfort zone and go green? Congratulations, overcoming your fears, your doubts, and your resistance was the hardest bit! But there are still many challenges to overcome in order to live the dream. Rest assured, this is where the real game and the fun begin!

In addition to coaching, consulting is there to help you choose, define and design your concrete solutions. Starting from a deep questioning of your needs and desires, we will discuss the solutions available to you and how to make the choices that best suit your particular dream!

Ecological home design, organic vegetable gardens, permaculture designs, low techs, hydro and aquaponics, homeschooling… I am open to share 10 years of experience, mistakes and lessons learned to help you better understand the stakes of each decision and save you time and effort to achieve your dream life faster!

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