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My Mission : Ambassador of Nature in service of life transitions.

My mission is to facilitate life transitions in order to make each of us visionary artisans of the cultural renaissance.

  • Visionnary : being in service of an ideal and a vision that we want emerge;
  • Artisan : taking responsibility for our well-being and being proactive in achieving it ;
  • Cultural Renaissance : participate in the birth of a just, abundant and regenerative human culture (for oneself, for others, for the planet) inspired by the principles of nature.

I believe that our happiness is stems from the alignment between our personal experiences, our social achievements and our contribution to the well-being of the planet.

My Programs

Ecocentric U – online course & community

Tune into nature’s patterns and wisdom to optimize your regenerative impact on the planet, society and yourself.

We are a global learning ecosystem, where changeseekers like you are becoming informed and inspired by Nature’s ability to guide you in playing a regenerator role in the social and natural ecosystems you belong to.

Our core learning program weaves teachings from visible patterns in nature together with teachings on human development, how social change happens, and personal inner transformation. 

Ecocentric U is where Nature and social change meet to make new sense of the world we’re in, in order to each become better at playing our part.

Coach / Consultant / Mentor ↗

Personal Development / Holistic Hygiene / Inner Ecology / Life Map / Activism

We are living through an amazing shift in history, one that expects us to radiate our true nature and authenticity. When we live up to our ideals and our soul’s dreams, life offers us solutions that we could not imagine before. To enter into Transition is to fully accept the game of Life. My mission: to be in service of those who have the courage to undertake this transformation for themselves, their loved ones, and the world.

This work is about you, and it is to your needs that I adapt my role: coach, consultant and mentor are three of the hats I can wear to facilitate the expression of your potential.

The Work That Reconnects ↗

Emotional Education / Group Work / Ritual & Ceremony / Deep Ecology / Ecopsychology

The Work that Reconnects is a group work that allows us to experience the intimate connection that connects us to each other and to the planet in order to tap into the healing capacities of the Living. It is a collaborative approach to accepting and transforming our suffering into regenerative action for our world, our communities, and ourselves.’ [Joana Macy]

My life is entirely dedicated to the great ecological transition. After studying its theoretical and technical foundations and practicing permaculture for 10 years in my eco-farm, I have discovered in the Work that Reconnects an essential tool for emotional resilience in the face of crises and for reactivating Active Hope.

The Work That Binds is for eco-anxious people, parents, activists, those who suffer from the pain of the world, and all those who wonder how they too can participate in the birth of the new world.

The Nomadic Oracle ↗

Shamanism / Natural Mystic / Divination / Card Readings

The Nomadic Oracle is a powerful yet subtle shamanic artifact, dedicated to personal liberation and empowerment through the art of divination. The card spreads help to manifest the presence of a second-order of reality interwoven into our daily lives. The imagery empowers the individual by promoting communication between the left (rational and analytical) and right (intuitive) brain hemispheres. Personal creativity is invited to embrace interpersonal and transcendental reality to give depth and perspective to the answers provided.’ [Jon Mallek, artist and author of The Nomadic Oracle]

A close friend of Jon’s, witness to the birth of the Nomadic Oracle and an avid user for over 10 years, I can attest to the power of this tool to open our doors of perception and to the impact that navigating our lives with full awareness of the subtle levels of reality that direct our subconscious can have.

This tool for expanding consciousness is for all those who want to delve into the Great Mysteries and open up to ever greater subtlety in their energy work.

My role of Ecocentric Coach :

My experience in permaculture has taught me at least one thing: trees give the best fruits when planted in the right environment. The same is true of humans: when we ground ourselves or create an environment that fits us, we can finally become who we were always meant to be. It is this version of you that will bring the most happiness to yourself, your loved ones, and the world!

My role as a coach is to help you discover and magnify that version of yourself.

I use deep questioning, daily practices (holistic routines), rituals, and ceremonies; I provide you with readings and personal reflection workbooks… and a whole range of tools to help you face the fundamental questions that will lead to unearthing your well-being:

Where are you at?

Make a complete assessment of where you are at in life, identify your strengths, passions, and gifts, define your successes, and admit your vulnerabilities, confront your real and imaginary limits, etc.

What do you want?

Identify what you want in your life, what dimension of your life needs to be nourished, where you want to go, what you want to improve in your life. Create a map on how to get there.

How can Nature guide and support you?

I can offer a framework for reflection and exchange in which the principles and patterns of Nature accompany, inspire, and support you.

Reconnecting to nature – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – can provide clarity on what you can do to take better care of yourself and enhance your joy of life.

What can you do?

Draw up an action plan, take concrete actions, change your paradigms… in short, draw up a road map that will enable you to move forward in your transformation.

The coaching relation

Accepting our vulnerabilities, opening up to the other person, and asking for what we need. These three small things are often enough to initiate the biggest transformations.

At the heart of the coaching relationship: YOU. This is about you, your dreams, your desires, and ambitions, your challenges and difficulties, your feelings about life. We can work in different ways:

  1. In a completely free way, by addressing your current situation and challenges in each session;
  2. In a slightly more directive way, following the plan developed for the different programmes;
  3. In a hybrid way, by drawing from the modules of the different programmes what you find useful as you unfold your unique journey .

My role is to reveal you to yourself: through deep questioning, meditations and visualizations, specific exercises, and by playing different roles (sometimes curious and compassionate, sometimes challenging, sometimes playful, etc.) I lead you to think and feel differently, in order to facilitate the establishment of a new relationship with yourself and with the world… which will emerge the transformations you need!

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