Henna Penna Pakana, Coaching (in english)

I really got wonderful support from you in this very transformative period of my life Your attentive presence, your ability to listen, and hear more than I know that I say, your gentle way of placing questions so that I can see myself, has been enormous help for me to get more aware and accepting of my unique being and what makes me sparkle and shine.

The improved self-confidence and the feeling that I am enough and capable for many important things are such great gifts.

The Get Grounded program was an effective and comprehensive way to see and explore different aspects of my life. It gave me a great tool set for working on myself, and I’ll keep using it. I feel much more confident and strong after the coaching as well as more joyful and able to have fun. I value myself and my life, and I know that I have right to be exactly what I am.

I truly can feel that when I’m open, honest and aware and follow my passion, heart and joy, the universe provides the possibilities and opens the doors. I don’t know where this will lead but it is exciting, and so much more vivid way to look at life than trough the glasses of duty and sacrifice that I used to wear more.

Thank you so much for everything. I am so happy to share this planet with you and to know that you exist. So much love and all the best. 

Jihène Bali, The Works that Reconnects (in french)

The workshop “Work that connects” proposed by Damien was a great help to me. When I signed up, I was doubting my work. I am a sophrologist, I like my job but I felt that something was missing.

Thanks to the workshop, I was able to have theoretical and practical elements that gradually allowed me to link my professional activity to a deeper personal vision: a work aiming at ecology and with the intention of being in service to a benevolent change.

This has strengthened my desire for action and has even led me to make important, more conscious decisions about my surroundings and my home.

A big thank to Damien for organizing and facilitating this workshop. His authenticity and presence were very much appreciated. I really enjoyed our exchanges. I leave full of hope.

Laurent Lacoste, Coaching (en français)

Having Damien as a friend and a personal coach over the last months has been a game changer. Beyond his considerable understanding of human nature, he’s also curious, generous, sharp and passionate about people. Our exchanges have been highly inspiring as he helped me shed new lights on my own life challenges and priorities. Damien has played an invaluable role in my personal development journey, exhibiting immaculate listening skills and pedagogy. Lastly, I could feel him constantly learning and adapting to my personal needs (that have been progressively changing).

I can only recommend him wholeheartedly as he has so much to share and as I keep learning from him.

Lyse Kong, Nomadic Oracle & Coaching (in french)

Damien is a master at helping me understand the messages provided by the nomadic oracle. His understanding of this oracle is very subtle and allows me to perceive the messages delivered on a personal and impersonal level. He succeeds in creating a space in which I feel perfectly safe to create this necessary connection with the cards. He guides me in such a way that I open doors of possibilities that I could not perceive alone. At the beginning of each session, he helps me to set an intention, ask a question or make a request. Then, I feel perfectly guided in the discovery of the messages transmitted, however subtle they may be. I can only encourage you to live this experience with Damien to find answers to your most important questions. THANK YOU DAMIEN FOR ALL THAT YOU BRING TO THE WORLD

Isa Line, The Work That Reconnects (in french)

I loved the joy, the listening, I immediately felt like I was with a friend, very comfortable. I thought it was good that you were participating in the sharing and practice.
Thank you for these beautiful moments, I was a little sad that it ended and I loved the quality of presence and energy that you offered us, I would like to attend in real life I think it must be really nice to see you animate.

Jenny Ready, Coaching and Nomadic Oracle (in english)

Talking to Damien is, without exception, an empowering experience every single time. I come out of the conversation having learned something new each session and I find myself thinking back to bits and pieces of things we talked about for weeks after. He has a way of making you feel comfortable even when working on something uncomfortable and, most importantly, he truly listens to your needs and is always honest and compassionate…plus you can have a really good laugh with him too.

There aren’t many people like Damien around so I feel incredibly lucky to have met him and I am so, so excited to keep working on myself with him.
Thank you for everything Damien, words can’t express what an impact you’ve made on my life!

Charlotte Wiel, Nomadic Oracle (in french)

About six years ago, I met Damien and at the same time the Nomadic Oracle. Much more than a simple Tarot, I have never stopped using it since then. Living a moment of transition in my life, I wanted to make a spread with Damien, knowing that he would have a higher level of reading than me. And it has been the case. Coming with a clear question, the spread and the interpretation of Damien enabled me to see pragmatic solutions and new axes to work on. His listening, his benevolence, and discernment allowed a precious and constructive exchange. Thanks to his deep knowledge of the Nomadic, Damien use the Oracle as a powerful tool to progress in our personal development.

Stéphanie Sieng, Coaching & Nomad Oracle (in french)

I had the opportunity to work with Damien on key aspects of my life today. I quickly trusted him and he was able to guide me while allowing me to do many things on my own. He was attentive, patient, and clear-sighted about my needs, and during the sessions, he provided me with tools that will serve me for the rest of my life, and this is what impressed me the most. It is for these valuable tools and new knowledge that I am deeply grateful. In other words, rather than giving me a palliative remedy, he gave me a core treatment. Now I apply in my daily life what I have learned thanks to his program, it is obviously not easy every day but I am on the right track. For those who are looking to meet themselves, to understand their own functioning and what drives them, I recommend this program (Get Grounded). More than a program, it was a meeting with myself. Damien, I thank you again for everything, you are a well of knowledge and I will not forget our exchanges.

It was Damien, Jon’s disciple, who first drew the cards for me about ten years ago. Since then, he has guided me through the oracle many times, and I even ended up buying the deck! The nomadic oracle is a powerful tool, which leads to a deep understanding of ourselves and what surrounds us. Damien knows it like the back of his hand: in each spread he manages to answer my questions and doubts. His interpretations are always relevant and it helps me a lot in my personal evolution. The cards are very beautiful, and each one leads to enriching discussions. It’s crazy because often, depending on the phase of your life, you will draw the same cards… (The Dreamer and Vampire Threads in my early twenties, then Abundance and the Drum in my early thirties, and right now it’s Fire and Rainbow Bridge). When Damien draws my cards, I feel like we’re having a dialogue with the oracle. You don’t come out of a draw with Damien and the Nomadic unscathed, it’s an experience you want to repeat because the relevance of the interpretations is disturbing. I can’t wait to have a draw together again!

Bert Duras, Coaching (in english)

Damien’s enthusiasm is highly contagious. So be careful, because before you know it, you will take responsibility for your life and live it according to your values ​​and with depth. His structured and methodical approach ensures profound transformations.

Jenn Sieng, Oracle Nomade (in french)

I have been lucky to do a number of spreads of The Nomadic Oracle with Damien. I keep in memory each of them, all unique, because of the deep and empowering conversations that followed! Damien has a very good capacity of analysis and synthesis, as he manages to detect, through these cards, desires, weaknesses, strengths… he guided me to go and look for the reflection even further. The Nomadic Oracle is for me a little jewel. Not only are the cards inspiring (Emergence, Grace, Abundance… which can be interpreted according to their position in the spread and according to the question asked at the beginning) but they are also beautifully drawn! What I love is that you don’t expect to read this or that card at all. It’s a surprise every time and it makes me think about it every time.

Simon Chavez, Le Travail qui Relie (en français)

Isaline et moi avons vécu un moment de rencontre exceptionnel grâce à a la spirale du travail qui relie. Un moment de connexion profonde entre humains qui partagent les valeurs régénératives du monde de demain. Nous recommandons cette aventure avec Damien, ce facilitateur inspirant.

Betty Hamon, Coaching (in french)

I liked Damien’s program straight away! I found it very complete and rich enough to address all the points I wanted to work on. After a discovery session, Damien knew what direction I wanted to go in and helped me, and guided me in the right direction. I highly recommend this program for developing a specific project or to go deeper in your personal development journey.