Our Human Nature in service of Planet Earth

The first book of Damien Masselis, founder of Ecocentric Lifestyle Design and Pai Seedlings Foundation.

– published in french in February 2022 / in translation for English readers at the moment –

Planetary ecology, socio-economic transition, and personal transformation.

To the multiplicity of complex crises in the 21st century, the author opposes a unique source: the disintegration of our relationship with nature, both inside ourselves and in the wilderness.

In this resolutely luminous book, which combines vision, practical exercises, and personal experiences, Damien Masselis proposes a remedy to this alienation: Inner Ecology, an active practice to allow ourselves to be penetrated and guided by the thriving qualities of life: diversity, cooperation, and abundance.

By developing an ecocentric perspective, you will develop a new narrative of the challenges of our time and the role that each of us is called to play as an artisan of the Cultural Renaissance.