Life Transition, Inner Ecology, Sacred Activism

Who am I?

As an ambassador of nature in the service of our personal transformation and societal transition, I offer coaching and consulting services to invite nature into our lives.

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Devenir des acteurs conscients de nos transformations personnelles, de la transition sociale, et de la régénération de l'écologie planétaire !



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Le développement écocentrique est un coaching holistique qui permet d'améliorer votre état d'esprit et votre résilience et émotionnelle, de mettre en place des routines quotidiennes d’hygiène physiqe, mentale et spirituelle, de plonger dans vos ombres, de mettre en place des rituels de reconnexion à la nature, de créer votre de carte de vie, etc…

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Why modern agriculture is failing us

The agro-industry is only as strong as our complicity. Transitioning to Agroforestry systems is not only a matter of good and bad, or duty and obligation. It is a matter of enjoying a life of beauty, meaning, and nourishment that nature can provide… … and it starts with your next meal! How we are letting […]

What if it were possible? SERIES – part 2 – underwater landart in service of ecosystem restoration

Celia Gregory uses her art to change the narrative: to create joy and curiosity for her marine ecosystems restoration projects rather than dwell in fear for the threatened species.

Reflexions on natural ecosystems restoration.

After this first module of the Ecosystem Restoration Design Course (Gaia Education & Ecosystem Restoration Camps), I feel more skilled and hopeful than ever that we, as humans, can recreate on Earth the kind of abundance that will benefit the forests, plants & animals, and also human communities. Here’s a report on the first 4-week […]